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June is Men’s Health Month: Help Your Father Stay Fit

Throughout June, the temperatures increase, as does our appreciation for the important men in our lives. During your hunt for the perfect Father’s Day gift, we highly recommend taking the time and effort to invest in your Dad’s physical health, a priceless way to thank him for all that he does. Men’s Health Month, which is also commemorated in the month of June, brings awareness on ways to improve the lives of men by focusing on:

  • Physical Health

  • Heart Health

  • Healthy Eating Habits

As we celebrate Dad this Father’s Day, show your appreciation for all that he does by providing him the support and guidance he needs to improve his health!

Fit Fathers

Your entire body is impacted by your physical health, including all of the exercise and activity you include throughout your week. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, moderate-intensity aerobic activity is recommended for 30 minutes a day or five times per week for 150 minutes every week is recommended for men. They also suggest adding muscle-strengthening activities two times a week for the best results and healthiest lifestyle.

Aerobic Activities to Stay Fit

  • Brisk walk

  • Running

  • Jogging

  • Swimming

  • Exercise bike

  • Elliptical use

  • Biking outdoors

Muscle Strengthening Activities for Your Father

  • Push-ups

  • Sit-ups

  • Planks

  • Chest Press

  • Shoulder Press

  • Bicep Curls

As you introduce new fitness techniques and exercises, be prepared to feel muscle pain and strains as your body becomes accustomed to a more active lifestyle. Remind Dad to speak with your Summer’s Pharmacy Pharmacist to get an individualized OTC and supplement recommendation with each visit. Your expert Summer’s Pharmacy Pharmacist can recommend new products that will help your Dad:

  • Recover faster from his workouts

  • Deal with muscle cramps

  • Get adequate rest in-between visits to the gym

  • Maximize his exercise potential

Help Dad as he begins his health and fitness journey by joining him for a Fitness OTC & Supplement Consultation at Summer’s Pharmacy.

Men Have Hearts Too

Proper blood flow carries oxygen to the body and carries away harmful waste. Heart disease can develop when this system falls in disarray because of issues with blood vessels, blood clots, or even the heart itself. To keep Dad's heart healthy, we have a variety of recommendations to help prevent Cardiovascular/Heart disease. Our team can help prevent disease and heart complications through a Heart Health conversation with your Summer’s Pharmacy Pharmacist. If Dad suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, or high cholesterol, we can help him manage his medication and heart health simultaneously. Heart Health consultations are a helpful resource to better understand your body’s needs. There are several OTC items at your pharmacy that can help Dad’s heart health which include:

When taking supplements, we highly recommend talking with a specialist before continuing with the process. At your next visit to Summer’s Pharmacy, Dad can book a Heart Health Conversation to discuss his heart meds with his pharmacist and other ways to keep his heart healthy and happy.

Healthy Meal Choices for Dad

When it comes to physical health, Dad can help his heart and body by choosing a healthy diet. Food can be both a helpful source of energy for your body and a hindrance to your health, depending on which foods you choose. There’s nothing wrong with Dad having a juicy steak every once in a while, but proper eating habits are great preventative care for Dad. When Dad eats right, he enjoys:

  • Optimized heart health

  • Improved cholesterol control

  • Increased exercise endurance

  • Better sleep

No matter what Dad likes to eat, your Summer’s Pharmacy Pharmacist can guide him to proper health and wellness. A Healthy Plate Consultation will help Dad:

  • Make better food choices

  • Plan healthy meals for the family

  • Learn what foods are best to prevent heart disease

  • Be aware of what foods can affect cholesterol levels

When you pick out Dad’s gift this year, make sure to keep his health, fitness, and diet in mind!

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Sep 16, 2022
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