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Medication Flavoring

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We Specialize in Medication Flavoring

Whether your children have difficulty swallowing their medication or dislike the taste of your medicine, we have the solution for you at Summers Pharmacy.

Fillmaster Auto Flavors Your Medications

At Summers Pharmacy, we offer medication flavoring using our top-of-the-line Fillmaster Auto. Flavoring bad-tasting medications takes only minutes and has quick barcode scanning and metered dispensing for the utmost accuracy and quality control.

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Making Your Liquid Medications Easier to Swallow

A spoonful of flavoring helps the medicine go down! Liquid medications are easier for young and old patients to swallow when flavored with a delicious orange swirl or watermelon. We make your medications taste great in minutes!

We want to help make your liquid medications more palatable for you. Call us today to learn what flavors we can add to you and your family’s oral medications.

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