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Multi-Dose Packaging (Summers Pak)
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Summers Pak pill pack

Introducing Summers Pak

Pre-sorted medications delivered straight to your door every month

Summer Pak Multi-Dose Packaging

Are you tired of opening multiple bottles? Each month, you will receive a personalized roll of pre-sorted medications with clearly marked dates and times.

Multi-Dose Prescription Packaging

Manage Your Medications With Ease

The Summer Pak is now available. This innovative multi-dose packaging is designed for people taking multiple medications over the course of a day. A prescription packaging system sorts your medication by day and time. 

Keep track of your medications by enrolling in the Summer Pak multi-dose packaging program. We can help you:

  • Know instantly if you missed a dose

  • Eliminate the possibility of taking a medication twice

  • Gives you a visual reminder for your dosage regimen

Talk to us today about how we can get you or one of your loved ones signed up for multi-dose packaging, delivered to your door.

Too Many Trips to the Pharmacy?

Summers Pharmacy will also manage your prescription refills. We will proactively contact your prescriber to get authorization for refills before you run out to avoid harmful interruptions. The new Summers Pak will keep your copays the same as your 30-day fill prices and can even be delivered to your home at no additional charge.

Summers pill pack

Why Does Multi-Dose Packaging Matter?

Adhering to your drug regimen is a crucial factor in maintaining good physical and mental health. There are many benefits to the Summer Pak, including:

  • Ease of medication dosing 

  • Travel-friendly packaging

  • Reduce skipped doses

  • Reduced trips to the pharmacy, which means fewer fuel expenses

  • Personalized packaging to help you stay compliant

If you want to learn more about the convenience of packing your meds, contact your nearest Summers Pharmacy location and ask about our Summers Pak.

Taking prescription medication has never been easier with the new Summers Pak. Fill out the form below to get started today!

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