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Welcome to Summers Pharmacy

Ryan Summers always knew he wanted to own his own pharmacy. His first job in a pharmacy was as a delivery driver and stocker for Kreisler Drug in Clinton while he was in high school. Ryan met Julie while they were both attending The University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy. Following their graduation in 2004, Ryan completed a residency while Julie returned to Southeast Missouri to work for an independent pharmacy. After they married in 2006, Ryan and Julie moved back to Clinton, where Ryan worked as a manager for a local chain pharmacy, and Julie continued her community pharmacy experience in a nearby town. In 2013, Summers Pharmacy opened for business, combining Ryan’s clinical and managerial expertise with Julie’s valuable knowledge of the world of independent pharmacy. Together, they make a powerful team to provide excellent patient care to the Clinton community and surrounding areas.

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What We Offer

Whether you need cold medicine, vitamins, or vaccinations, we have you covered for all your pharmaceutical needs. We also offer various pharmacy services, including medication synchronization, compounded medications, COVID-19 vaccines and tests, multidose packaging, and pharmacy delivery. You never have to travel far to get the health care resources you need at your local pharmacy!

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Summers Pak

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Med Sync

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Pharmacy Delivery

Why Choose Us

At Summers Pharmacy, we can help you on the road to better health. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable pharmacists is here to help answer all your questions and find the correct medicine for your specific health needs. We go the extra mile to ensure you find what you are looking for! Call us today to see how we can assist you in improving your health. 

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Download Our Refill App

Request refills on the go using the Rx2Go app for your mobile device!

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$4/$10 Prescription List

Save Money on Your Prescriptions

As the economic changes continue to unravel, the last thing we want our Summers Pharmacy patients to do is to worry about how they can afford to pay for prescriptions. You should not have to choose between your medication and other daily living expenses. We are happy to reduce the financial burden for our patients at Summers Pharmacy by offering a $4/$10 Prescription List. 

When you opt for our $4/$10 Prescription List you can expect:

  • A review of  your prescription profile for eligible generics

  • Help to connect with your medical provider to request a generic alternative (when available)

  • More money staying in your wallet

Sometimes it is cheaper to pay cash for your prescription than it is to use your insurance. Summers offers a $4/$10 savings program and includes a long list of generics not available on any competitors' $4 list.

You could potentially be saving big on generic medications without any insurance required! Call or stop in today to see how we can lower your prescription drug costs for you.

Our Locations

Summers Pharmacy has 13 locations in western Missouri for the convenience of our customers.

Summers Pharmacy-

605 Pawnee St
Clinton, MO 64735

Summers Pharmacy-
GVMH Clinic

1602 N Second St
Clinton, MO 64735

Community Pharmacy-

900 S Adams St
Nevada, MO 64772

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