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Summer’s Pharmacy now offers FREE personalized flavor options for liquid medications.

The concept of Flavorx is very simple; help parents avoid the struggle with their children about taking their medicine because they don’t like the taste. Have any of us forgotten what it was like when your mom would stick a spoonful of cough syrup in to your mouth? Or any other medicine? No matter the medicine, whether it was syrup or pill, the taste was just impossible to wash out! We can save your children from a similar fate.

At Summer’s Pharmacy, we are one of the first pharmacies to provide flavoring locally, and we do it for no additional cost. Your kids will thank you when their medicine tastes like cherry… or grape… or orange. We have so many options… and our new machine mixes everything quick and easy so you don’t have to worry about waiting around.

Stop in today and find out how we can make keeping your children healthy just a little bit easier!